When starting your search for park model homes on the web you
    may find conflicting information regarding pricing. We stated on
    our home page that our goal is to "provide you with the most
    professional service from start to finish." Part of that service is
    to give you clear and concise information on all areas of a park
    model purchase.

    All of our pricing includes:

Delivery (within 100 Miles)
Standard Set-up and Complete Tie-Down Package
Fiberglass Steps at Exterior Doors
Vertical Vinyl Skirting
2.5 Ton Air Conditioning Unit with Humidistat
Hook-ups to Existing Utilities
 And, we post our pricing in each house for you to see as you tour our    

    Most of our competitors pricing you find on the web will not
include all of the items above.
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What you need to know about our pricing.
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